Screen capture from Wikipedia
Here’s a scrap of distressingly unreflective sexism from the Wikipedia article on wedding rings:

Women in Greek and Anatolian (comprising most of modern Turkey) cultures sometimes receive and wear puzzle rings – sets of interlocking metal bands that one must arrange just so in order to form a single ring. Traditionally, men wryly gave them as a test of their woman’s monogamy. However, with time and practice it takes little effort to re-make the puzzle and any intelligent woman can learn.

Has Wikipedia been infiltrated by misogynists? Had it not been, we should have been surprised — why should that community be any more secure from such influences than anywhere else on the internet? We should not be surprised, though, to read this kind of wry condescension in articles concerning the Western white wedding. Matrimony as ritualized commodity exchange attracts, for reasons unknown to this lay reader, certain simple conceptions of gender roles and relations.

I do not know, but would like to know, whether there is any regiment of volunteer editors who seek to remove derogatory language, even as there are those who devote their time combing out false facts and tagging unattributed assertions as in need of verification.

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