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Hoochie Reader is an annual print anthology providing a platform for undergraduate expression of feminist thought and feeling.

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Hoochie Reader Number 3, 2019

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  • Elizabeth Allen, American University – Detoxing Wellness: The Movement’s Deceptive Crusade and the Insidiousness of Choice Feminism
  • Adriana Diaz, Boston University – Average American
  • Justice Peltier, Boston University – Epistemic Genocide
  •  Hannah George, Harvard College – The Medicine or the Honey?: Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ and Comedy’s Role in Feminist Activism
  •  Priest Gooding, Boston University – Man Destroyed
  •  Lauren McLean, University of Guelph – Trans-Forming Academic Pedagogies
  • Inès Ouedraogo, Boston University – A Close Reading of ‘Going Down’


  • Dev Blair, Boston University – Up Here
  • Tom Burke, Harvard College – Charlie and Max
  •  Marie Cantor, Boston University – To the man who likes to steal
  •  Moriah Mikhail, Boston University – Just Hair
  •  Alantai Morrison, Humber College – She
  •  Ireon Roach, Boston University – she took a walk in her neighborhood;  marching again ; and psychosex: the no homo edition
  •  William Tengtio, Boston University – Sentimus Ergo Sumus


  • Ana Luisa Bernardez Notz, OCAD University – Miss Distrito Capital 
  • Sarah Gichan, Bard College – illustrations
  •  Melissa Hurtado, Boston University – WMN EMPWRMNT
  • Zoe Mitchell, Santa Monica College – paintings

You can also find Hoochie Reader Number 3 on the electronic publishing platform, Issuu, here.

Hoochie Reader Number 2, 2018

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  • Cory Willingham, Boston University – Fulsome Panegyric: Queer Erasure in Shakespeare Scholarship
  • Allie Canton, Boston University – Electric Ladies Will You Sleep?
  • Anne Jonas, Boston University – “For There She Was:” Virginia Woolf ’s Reclamation 35 and Remembrance of the “Lost Woman” and Gendered Madness through Trans-Epochal Female Elegy
  • Sophia Lipp, Boston University – Tinder: It’s Complicated
  • Molly Cardenas, Southwestern University – Why Transitioning is Threatening
  • Alice Elbakian, Boston University – Media Representation: A New Hope in Combatting Institutional and Individual Racism
  • Dinuka Cooray, University of Notre Dame – The Ugly Side of Beauty
  • Brooke Toubeau, Quincy College – RED
  • Dev Blair, Boston University – Curls / My Gender and Sexuality 1: An Intersectional Introduction (or DS101)
  • Kylie McCuiston, Boston University – Father’s Day
  • sal daña, New School University – The powdered cheese packet said / Living folds / all quiet in the western union / divinity
  • Vivian Li, University of Toronto – Our Vision of the Feminine
  • Avery Addams, Southwestern University – Me Too / Beat
  • Namu Sampath, Boston University – Reflection
  • Bria Goeller, Emory University – Understandable
  • sal daña, New School University – Stripper Dreams / Thing Eaten / Breakfast Boobs / Clock Face Fem at Auction
  • Ana Luisa Bernárdez-Notz, OCAD University – Untitled (S) I-V
  • Tiffany Makovic, Boston University – Cheese Doodle Man with the Tiny Hands
  • Isabel Torres Anguiano, Boston University – How It Feels to Open Up to Someone / Unzipping. Freeing Rib Cages

You can also find Hoochie Reader Number 2 on the electronic publishing platform, Issuu, here.

Hoochie Reader Number 1, 2017

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  • Alice Berry, Bryn Mawr College – It Was Always Already Gender: The Cultural Construction of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Travesti and Hijra Communities
  • Eric Betancourt II, Boston University – Red Pill Masculinity: A Netnography of Extremism
  • Giselle Boustani-Fontenele, Boston University – Poem: this is my biology… choke on it.”
  • Cecilia Franck, University of Maryland – Feeling Powerless: Gender Horror in Porpentine’s “Eczema Angel Orifice”
  • Kathryn Franke, Santa Clara University – Female Body Modification: A Feminist Practice?
  • Pete Freeman, University of Notre Dame – Sexual Assault and the Catholic University: Administrative Action, Student Sentiment, and Policy Prescriptions
  • Sarah Hethershaw, Southwestern University – Enfreakment Photography: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Disability in Millie and Christine McKoy
  • Cassandra Jones, Boston University – Fiction: “Dut-Dut Dutdutdutdut”
  • Sophie Pearlman, Tufts University – Eva: Feminist Sex Toy Technology and the Pleasure Gap
  • Ruby Schwartz, University of Melbourne – The Backlash Online: A Case Study of Gendered Cyber Harassment
  • Ellie Simon, Middlebury College – Why Fat Jewish Lesbians Aren’t Funny
  • Marquisha Spencer, Claremont Graduate University – Poem: “hoochie mama”
  • Nicole Veneto, Simmons College – #Feminism: The Internet’s Facilitation of the Fourth Wave
  • Kathryn Wood, University of Virginia – Poem: “Ragdolls”
  • Cosette Zacarias, University of Maryland – Kahlo: Four Collages
  • Koko Zhang, Bryn Mawr College – Identity, or Identity Umbrella? Reconsidering “T” in Chinese Lesbian/Queer Relationships

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