Faculty and Eboard

2014-2015 E-board:

Faculty Advisor: Professor Min-Chang Lee
mclee@bu.edu | office: PHO 520 | office hours: Tuesday, Thursday, 1:00–2:00 PM





President: Yiannis Karavas (ECE ’15)

Hi my name is Yiannis Karavas. I am a senior majoring in Computer Engineering and minoring in Electrical Engineering. I’m Greek and I love programming and coffee which is a very fortunate combination since intense programming usually requires a lot of coffee :)




AtriVice President: Atri Raychowdhury(ECE ’15)

Hi guys.  I’m Atri, a senior studying Electrical Engineering, although I don’t define myself as just an EE.  I’ve been pressing for BU to incorporate a more multidisciplinary approach to our education, and I’ve recently been a part of the creation of an organization called SEED –  Societal Engineers Encouraging Difference.  I encourage you to reach out to me if you want to learn more.  Outside of school, I very much enjoy photography, making music, and painting.



sullyTreasurer: Suleyman Kahyaoglu (ECE ’15)

Hey! My name is Sully and I am a senior in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Technology Innovation. Along side serving IEEE’s BU chapter, I serve as Treasurer in the Engineering Government for the Class of 2015. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and currently live Queens, New York. I am a huge soccer fanatic and support Galatasaray!




PICTURE1Secretary: Rosie Chen (ECE ’17)

 Hello, my name is Rosy, secretary of IEEE and also a sophomore studying Computer Engineering. I was born and raised in Boston. And after many years, I’m still here.  I look forward to an eventful year with the IEEE members and officers. :D




mecropWebmaster: Anthony Domenick (ECE ’15)

Heyyy I’m Anthony, a senior within ECE who enjoys finding technologies that make our lives better.  Eventually I hope to get paid to work on the commercialization of such tech.  Besides that, I’m a big Packers fan, and enjoy talking about (American) football in general.  If you recognize me in photonics, please don’t hesitate to say hi! I love what BU has offered me so far and won’t hesitate you give you my 2 cents on anything :)




Social Chair: Mounika Vutukuro (ECE’15)

Hello! I’m Mounika, a senior in Electrical Engineering and Physics.  I’m currently involved in research in the Nanostructured Fibers and Nonlinear Optics Lab in Photonics. I’m from Toronto, Canada and, as a consequence, frequently live up to Canadian stereotypes. I love good food, good music and great friends, preferably all together!




zhannaNational Communications Chair: Zhanna Kaufman (ECE’15)

Hello everyone, I’m Zhanna, a senior in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Computer Engineering.  From Staten Island, I’m is currently assisting in the creation of a neural network-based accelerator by writing the HDL version of the accelerator through Chisel. I pretty much lives in pho, so find me any time and say hi!