Visual Therapy (it is indeed!)

Working on the Antigone project, I found this wonderful art-sharing website called “Visual Therapy.”  Starting in 2009, the website was launched in Kuwait  to use “aesthetics to provide relief for the soul.”  The web source is described as this:

“Visual Therapy is an amalgamation of projects, which come together to create an aesthetic platform for innovative work and ideas in all creative fields.”

Although theatre and performance are not represented in this mix, I’m still highly supportive of this initiative.  Once I found this site, I immediately bookmarked it and have referred to it everyday since.  The website is consistently updated to provide new inspiration.  Thus far, here are the links that have intrigued me most (all of which are very different from one another!):

1. Steve McCurry Photography

2. Isaac Cordal’s “Cement Eclipses”

3. “The Evolution Will Be Fabulous” by Peter Gronquist

4. “Mourir Auprès de Toi” by Spike Jonze (This is a great short film!!!)

5. PressPausePlay (I ended up watching the whole documentary…ask me questions about it if you like. I’m still not sure how I feel about it…)

Although these are the things that have interested me, I’m sure you will all find different things that interest you.

At the end of the “About” section, this is written:

“I encourage everyone who shares my passion to submit their work, as I would be happy to promote and sell your work through my website, exhibitions, and store. I also welcome all ideas, thoughts, or comments. Spread the word.”

With that…the word is spread.

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