The Prospero Project

The Prospero Project

So I initially looked into this story because of it’s subtitle on ArtsJournalDaily: “Can theatre save Europe?”  Disclaimer, the piece does not really explore that idea it’s just the clever button on the end of it, I think it is a part of a larger conversation regarding the role of culture in reviving the European economy of which I at least am not up to speed on.  It is a little difficult to understand exactly what the project is, as I understand it the theaters involved engage in a “theatrical exchange” of sorts where they send actors, directors, interns, playwrights etc to work at each others theaters, but the centerpiece of the project, I believe, is that the six theaters produce pieces together that then tour each others cities.  What’s so exciting about it in my mind is the effect collaboration on this level could have on the proliferation of theatre around the world.  I’ve been thinking so much about the future lately and my feelings about what I want to do change daily.  The past week I’ve been thinking a lot about being bold with my aspirations and dreaming beyond “New York or LA?”  I think about classes like this one, Dramaturgy, Drama Crit, and I feel a strong pull towards a path that would allow me participate in the theatrical traditions and history we study in these classes, pursuing something in academia, looking into programs in Europe, etc.  In Theater Management Michael Maso was talking about the extremely minimal effects the recession has had on Broadway, I don’t think the question posed in the subtitle is a crazy one.  If more programs like this develop, that take place on a grand scale, are commercially viable, and not as artless as the majority of Broadway I think theater can be taken exciting new places recognized for it’s essential value to society.

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selrod posted on February 9, 2012 at 12:26 pm

Hey guys, I’ve been looking into this project more and it just gets cooler and cooler. Here is a link to the site:

Their mission statement reads:

“The six partners involved in the Prospero multi-annual cooperation project (2008-2012) wish to accomplish an artistic and cultural gesture and promote an ambitious theatrical project which is also a political gesture, and thus participate in the construction of an artistic and cultural Europe. In a context revealing that the way the European Union is constructed is struggling to convince its citizens, the six partners intend to show that art and culture are a driving force capable of boosting creativity, exchange and cohesion. Within the scope of this vital intercultural dialogue, the chosen art form which both joins them together and differentiates them is theatre. It challenges artists, professionals and audiences on the very issue of European identity: a certain culture of openness.”


One of my favorite things on the site is the Prospero European Review, every year they publish a reflection on the state of European Theatre and cultural identity in Europe.


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