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Enchantment with a Twist

Peter and Wendy is the the first play I ever saw. I was around 11 years old, and from that moment my path in life became very clear. I was especially inspired by Karen Kandel, an African-American performer who played the role of the narrator in puppeteer Basil Twist’s adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. […]

Keeping an Ear to the pavement.

One of my greatest loves is Hip-hop. I remember hearing my cousins playing it while growing up, but back then I didn’t understand it. Truthfully, I thought it was ghetto. I rejected it. It wasn’t until I was older that I began really listening to what was being said over these booming beats, only then […]

The Questions: Kara Walker

This week I’ve really been digging on the work of Kara Walker. Here’s an overview from New York Times about Kara Walker‘s work. Kara Walker speaks my artistic language. Her work is controversial and raw, and like all good art she drudges up  images from the past that exploit racial history, and generates a dialogue […]

Porgy and Bess

Ciao! I wanted to bring to light the controversy surrounding the recently revived production of PORGY AND BESS. Personally I have yet to come to a conclusion about my sentiments around the controversy yet. Where I understand why people are not interested in reviving such a scarring part of history via the content of PORGY […]