Entrepreneur Design Contest Lecture Series: Ideas and Intellectual Property

Speaker: Professor Dan Cole
Topic: Ideas and Intellectual Property
When: Friday, October 30th @ 4:00PM – 5:30PM
Where: 8 St. Mary’s Street, PHO211
Food will be provided
Professor Cole is a professor in Manufacturing Engineering. In the fall, he teaches ME 502: Intellectual Assets: Creation, Protection, and Commercialization, a course which provides students with the knowledge and tools necessary to create, protect, and commercialize engineering and scientific intellectual assets. This course focuses on rapidly growing areas which affect nearly all modern businesses (including software and web development).
Prof. Cole will kickoff the lecture with a brainstorming activity which will give you an opportunity to learn how to develop your own ideas and projects (perfect for EDC).  After the brainstorming activity he will lecture about protecting your ideas and intellectual property. 
Please register for the event at: http://tinyurl.com/edcrsvp  

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