Planning for the Inaugural APYLP Forum on Renewable Energy

I am currently in the process for the planning of the inaugural forum for the Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Program (APYLP). The APYLP is an amalgamation of the former and present recipients that are prominent young leaders of the following foundations:

Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation, Asia 21 of the Asia Society, Mansfield Foundation, US-Japan Foundation, and the Japan International Culture Center.

The APYLP is to be the network of Asia Society Japan upon its launch on March 31, 2018 in Tokyo.

I saw renewable energy as a very comprehensive and timely subject to be discussed in the inaugural forum and have proposed it to the organizers of the forum. We are currently in the stage of planning out the structure, length, and potential speakers to be invited. The proposed date of the inaugural forum is February 2019. See the list of APYLP events held here.

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