Graduate Students and Post Docs

Margaret Barkett            Technology Licensing, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, OH

Britton Paige Bass           Curator, National Cancer Institute

Jay Baum           Principal Scientist, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, MA

Kristen Cullen                Group Leader, Cell Signaling Technology, MA

Jon Iker Etchegaray     Postdoctoral Associate, U.C.S.F., CA

Sarah Kleinsorge             Lecturer, South University, Cleveland, Ohio

Kittima Kongton              Lecturer, Suratthani Rajabhat University, Thailand

Tracy Meehan                   Postdoctoral Associate, University of Washington

Tracy Pritchett      Lab Manager, Champalimaud Center for the Unknown,  Portugal

Elizabeth Tanner           Principal Consultant, Tanner Scientific Consulting

Sharona Thompson         High School Biology Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

Allison Timmons              Medical Writer, Mass. General Hospital, Boston, MA

Monwadee Wonglapsuwan  Lecturer, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand


Undergraduate Students

Majed Abbas                          MA Student, BU Medical School

Rachel Cannon                      Medical Resident, Northwestern University, IL

Luz Ceballos                           Ph.D. Student, UC Irvine, CA

Jeffrey Chang                         Medical Student, University of California, CA

Brian Czervionke                   Medical Student, Drexel University, PA

Sarah Durrin                          Teach for America, Chicago, IL

Dana Fileppo Leonard          Research Associate, AstraZeneca, NJ

Kevin Galinsky                       Research Associate, Broad Institute, MA

Michelle Gammill                  Physician Assistant Program, Memphis, TN

Corey Habib                            Student, MA

Zack Hintze                             New York

Tony Joudi                              MA Student, BU Medical School

Deborah Jue                           Medical Student, Albert Einstein University, NY

Tatevik Sarkissian                Ph.D. Student, Brandeis University, MA

Adam Klein                             Medical Student, Kansas City, MO

Christina Koppell                  Research Associate, Mass. General Hospital, MA

Bonni Laundrie Stahl           Medical Resident, Albert Einstein Coll. of Medicine, NY

Aileen Leung                          High School teacher, MD

Christy Li                                Ph.D. student, Cornell Medical School, NY

Daniel Mateos                        Ph.D. student at CNIC, Madrid, Spain

Anuj Minocha                        Dental Student, Harvard Dental School, MA

Andrea Mislak                       Ph.D. student, Yale University, CT

Katherine Moynihan            Dental student, BU Dental School, MA

Jeremy Nguyen                     Dental student, BU Dental School, MA

Vishal Patel                            Medical Student, Albert Einstein Coll. of Medicine, NY

Olivia Rudnicki                     Dental Student, Tufts University, MA

Claire Schenkel                     Ph.D. Student, Harvard/MIT, MA

Vincent Sinatra                     Medical Student, SUNY Downstate, NY

Jemma Taipan                      Research Assistant, AdvanDx Diagnostics, MA

Jeffrey Taylor                        Student, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, NY

Jenn Tran                              Medical Student, Boston University, MA