Welcome Back!

Hey, kiddies.Welcome back from a long break of east coast frigidity, west coast frivolity, and…well, the other states just don’t really matter as much. 😛

This semester is going to be very busy for those of you who are involved in the culture show…busy and fun! Our theme this year is going to be Bbooree which means Roots in English. We want to promote an awareness for Korean-Americans for our mutual roots that are grounded in folklore, music, and dance. Those of you who already signed up–GET PSYCHED! And if you missed our informational meeting/Christmas party in December, but still desperately want to get involved, do not hesitate to email us at bostonu.ksa@gmail.com!

We have a lot of great events planned for this semester, too. Look out for Ski Trip 2010 that’s happening sometime in February.

Love,Your BUKSA e-board

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