When I woke up this morning, I realized that today would be my last first day of school ever . . . unless, of course, I decided that I want to earn another degree. That’s doubtful because now I’m almost done with 19th grade (think about that one . . . 12 years + 4 years + 3 years) and have no desire to enter the realm of 20th grade and beyond.

I started thinking about how things have changed since I finished my first semester of law school two years ago. I would say that 3L-itis/senioritis has definitely set in. The Facebook statuses on how people plan to be lazy, don’t really care about their final semester, look forward to slacking off, etc. are plentiful. Two years ago, there would be no Facebook status updates because people would be busy reading for the first day.

I’ve only got one book this semester and it cost $27.99; in my second semester, I spent $519 on books. I don’t even have this book yet as UPS is delivering it tomorrow. A lot of my friends haven’t even ordered their books yet. This would have been unthinkable in the past, as people would have ordered their books the week before school started. I haven’t yet read for my class this afternoon, but I’ll do that this afternoon. Two years ago it would have been unthinkable to not have completed my reading the day/night before class. The anticipation of moot court and receiving our first ever law school grades has completely gone and been replaced by the job search.

I plan to enjoy this final semester because it’s the last time I’ll be a student and have a lot of free time with a very flexible schedule. If only I didn’t have to take any more exams. I can’t wait to be writing when I’m done with my last exam ever: the bar exam.