Half Way Home


Since I have been in law school, I have used this blog primarily to speak about the sometimes awkward, sometimes difficult, always fun, refreshing, thought provoking challenges that I have experienced since I have arrived here in Boston.

And though I would be lying over-simplifying if I said that the adjustment period is over or that things are any easier, I would also be remiss if i didn’t use this opportunity to speak about some  of the small things that have happened that have made me feel half-way home.

First, and most importantly (for interview and general personal grooming reasons) preservation of handsomeness aside, I found a barbershop (that can cut my hair!) that doesn’t require me to check out a Zip Car or spend 45 minutes on the T hoping from Green Line to Orange Line in a sort of transportation Twister game.

Now I can walk into a barbershop less than ten minutes from my house (not super cuts, though I have absolute faith that their cuts are indeed super) and get my hair cut, which is fantastic because those month, month and a half periods without one were rough (though I do have a decent hat collection to get me through it).

Next, thanks to my well connected friend who has been here longer than me, I have been able to locate a music studio where I can continue to create as I did before I arrived here.  I can’t adequately describe how important this is, but I can say that now that I have somewhere to record, and I have a reason to write, and a way to express myself not only through this blog but musically, I am in a much better place, and if I do say so myself, my way with words (at least in the form of raps) has taken on a certain intensity due to law school (and you thought the blog was good).

Third, thanks to good friends, and purchasing something for my apartment every couple months, it almost looks like an actual place that someone lives in. And when I say good friends I mean way too good ( i did nothing to deserve these people), but thanks to them I have a TV, a TV Stand, and Desk and a Desk Chair…they were so good that I only purchased the desk…oh and my bed, had to have something to sleep on!

Fourth, though I am no fan of Boston weather at all, I am prepared for whatever may come may way.  Thanks to my mom, I have enough boots, boot socks, gloves, and thermals to get through the next ice age, and thanks to sweating out the little bit of weight that my frame can hold after arrival here last summer due to the humidity, I have enough fans to make my house feel like a windy day.

The B line (train line) is still inconvenient, but its inconvenience is still overwhelmed by the fact that I B Greene live on the B route of the Green line (cue whimsical destiny music…right….about…now!)

And I will probably be bringing my car out this summer so that I can experience the softer side of Boston, via never being able to find a parking spot….good times ahead!

Of course law school is still law school, and that comes with its challenges, but even that is routine now.

Not that we possess any type of special wisdom as 1.5 Ls but after experiencing finals once, they are less scary, and the work is less annoying intense because we know we the game.

And indeed most of us are just happy to almost be done with 1st year and we look forward to learning the practical side of the practice of law as indentured servants summer interns in a wide variety of positions.

And some of us have been lucky enough to be selected to spend our summers getting this practical experience via spring break pro-bono trips (more on that later!). Though i am intensely distraught about all the studying and outlining I will miss during my time away from Boston (please send words of encouragement during this tragic time).

All in all, things are starting to feel a little bit…normal (and by normal I mean spending whole weekends in the law library, and not minding, and enduring awful coffee because the pain of not having the caffeine is worse that the consumption of sub par coffee).

Which is scary in of itself.

I don’t call home as much, though I need to, and I don’t really miss home any more.

I can’t really say that Boston feels like home yet…

But with all the time I spend in the law tower…it sure feels more like home than my apartment does.

I am half way there…maybe even a whopping 55%.

And if I chose to re-sign my lease (I need to make the decision by Tuesday to get the benefit of no rent increase) I am sure that I will be that much closer to it feeling like home.

After all who can pay two years of excessive rent without at least getting a feeling to match the welcome home rug out of the deal?

Come summer, if I am in Boston, I am sure my friends who remain and I will find all the things to do around here for summer that we can.

And by fall of next year when the rat race (or terrier race, in a special nod to our mascot) for jobs, clinics, and SANITY begins again I am sure that I will finally be home.

Or at least closer to some odd percentage that is closer to home…

Either way I am sure the visitor feeling like all things shall pass…


Janet posted on February 28, 2011 at 10:56 am

You are making the transition as evidenced by this blog, I have enjoyed making the journey with you via your blogs.

Andrea posted on March 1, 2011 at 4:36 pm

I couldn’t have said it better myself. As a 2L I am starting to feel like where I am is now home.