Legal Follies

Law school is tough and time-consuming enough, but a group of BU Law students takes it to an entirely new level. The Legal Follies is a sketch-comedy student group at BU School of Law and each February they perform a three-hour or so long variety show for three nights. The group holds auditions in the fall and then from January to February they practice and rehearse non-stop until the show, which is usually the last week of February.

Several of my friends are in Follies and I’m seriously in awe of them. Rehearsing for a three hour variety show while attending law school and trying to stay on top of class is incredibly difficult. These students put a lot of effort into their performances, and it really shows. Each year the show is hilarious and after attending it for three years now, I would say that this year was by far the best and funniest show.

Follies’ claim to fame is that David E. Kelley, a BU Law alum and the creator of legal dramas like”Ally McBeal,” “The Practice,” “L.A. Law,” “Boston Legal” (to name a few), got his start as a member of Legal Follies. Follies doesn’t attract just current students: many professors as well as alums (including those who were in Follies) also attend.

Follies involves lots of law school humor but delves into current events, music and pretty much anything under the sun. Keep in mind that it’s not for the faint of heart: there isn’t anything that isn’t made fun of.

Take a look for yourself:

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