Dear admitted student,

Congrats on having been accepted!  If you are new to my blog, my name is Alexandria, and I’m a 1L.  Because the admission process is a very intimate one, I figured I would give you some insight into how I made the decision to attend BU.  That being said, I know students from a variety of places, with different backgrounds, and who strive for different professional goals.  From what I have gathered, my classmates figured out at different times and for different reasons that they wanted to be lawyers (or, at least, get a law degree).  As for me, I fall into the camp of “I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer.”  Because of this, law school is both a means and an end in my life — and coming to BU has been a realization of both.

Law school as an end
Being that law school was on my radar for many years, my decision to attend BU was certainly an “end.”  I had spent years studying pre-law at Northwestern, interning at various legal non-profits, and had worked as a paralegal at both a large firm and public interest organization.  When it came time to send in my applications, I had thought long and hard about what my legal education would bring.  Needless to say, I was very opinionated about the matter, and had developed notions about what I wanted out of my time in law school.

First and foremost, I wanted to make sure that I was in an environment that was conducive to my academic and professional goals.  I was very fortunate in my undergraduate education to have developed close relationships with my professors, and I wanted to recreate that feel.  It was important to me to be compelled by the teaching methods, since law school is notoriously a drag (as my co-workers so readily pointed out).  When I read about the professors at BU, I was both excited and impressed.  Having almost finished my first year, I can honestly say that these feelings have not changed.

As far as professional goals went, I knew that I wanted to work in the public sector, which also narrowed the scope of my law school search.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t get lost in the shuffle of the big firm focus.  Luckily, because I worked with public interest attorneys, I was able to get a lot of perspective on the matter.   What became most important to me was finding a school that cultivated an environment promoting pro-bono and public service opportunities.   After sifting through all of the internal advice and external information, I was drawn to BU for this very reason.

Law school as a means
First, and most obviously, law school is a means to a professional end.  Having attained the end goal of choosing a “good fit” law school — I am now at the point of “using” law school as a means to achieve further goals, both big and small.  So far, I have been able to make small steps toward my ultimate goal of being a public interest lawyer.  Guidance from my professors and career advisers has led me to choose an internship at the Northern District of Illinois for the summer, which will help me to narrow my public interest focus.  Additionally, BU has provided me with a research opportunity on reproductive health law.  Thus far, BU has opened up a lot of interesting doors, and I am look forward to extracting even more out of my time at BU.  Whether it be through student groups, potential clinical programs, externships, or journals, I know that my experience will only get richer.

Secondly, law school is a means to a life experience end.  Having lived in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco over the span of seven years, I also look at my transition to law school as an opportunity to experience a new place.  I really wanted to attend law school in an urban area, where I could maintain an enjoyable life beyond the typical campus experience.  I did not know much about Boston before visiting BU, but at first blush, it reminded me of Chicago, and I felt like it was a place I could call home for three years.  Since living here, I have really enjoying getting to know Brookline, Boston, and Cambridge — whether taking a walk, going on a run, or enjoying dinner with friends.  And yes, we somehow manage to squeeze these things in.  I look forward to having a greater connection with the city through professional endeavors and community service.

In conclusion, and what I tell all prospective students or friends thinking about law school:  do what is best for you.  I saw BU as a good end destination and path to the next.  I hope that you find the same.

Warm regards,