Brain Storm


The last week has been insane! Last Friday I had to represent a client at an employment hearing in the morning, I had two telephone interviews for summer positions in the afternoon and I had to meet with my “Hard Work and Dedication” study group for evidence.. In fact, one of my telephone interviews took place in the middle of my study session. That furious pace continued until yesterday at around 1pm when I was finally able to celebrate being done with school….well at least class work. I still have to prepare for my next court date, which falls on the morning before I leave to go back home for a couple days,  and figure out my plans for NYE (this is definitely the priority) did I type that for the world to see? Yep…

The thing is, I am done with the work for the semester but only sort of done with work. This afternoon I am having a conference call with one of my esteemed professors about the topic I would like to write my cert paper about (upper level writing requirement for those not hip to the lingo (count yourselves lucky).

I either am wrongly or rightly hoping to get some feed back so I can maximize my winter break by doing some research so that I am ahead of the game come next semester.

Lame right? I know, but my topic is SO interesting, SO controversial that I just can’t help myself. What’s this you say? You would like me to end this post with details of my topic? Sure why didn’t you just say so…I’ll give you a little food for thought to munch on..perhaps you can break away from holiday fun and do some research too!

I am looking at arguing that the fact that urban city schools are often understaffed, underfunded and in a consistent state of under performance considered along side the fact that the prison industry looks at elementary school competency scores to forecast how many prisons to build, combined with the privatization of prisons and prison labor and the fact that most felons are deprived of the right to vote taken together can be construed as a concerted intent to deprive (minority) populations of their constitutional rights of education, liberty, and civic engagement.

My premise is contextualized in the following sentences:

Once you begin to look at lack of educational competency as a profit mechanism the desire to improve education diminishes. Protecting the constitutional rights of vulnerable populations is incompatible with the profit strategies of the prison industry. The two can not exist in the same space, either schools are improved or the prison industry flourishes. Despite corporations being endowed with some privileges of human beings, they have no constitutional rights, therefore the prison industry profit model must bow to the constitutionally sanctioned rights to education, liberty, and civic engagement.

Did i just…Blow-Your-Mind

I hope so…until next time

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