Shedding what I am becoming to become what I was but better


The journey through law school has been an interesting one for me (and I would dare say many of my friends). I came in here as an artist who used art to inform his community activism and then used his community activism to inform his desire to go to law school. As I journeyed through law school, it was very difficult for me to find myself in the law or things that spoke directly to my passions or interests. This of course was to be expected as the first year curriculum is designed for us. I thought that coming into my second year I would easily find what it was that I was looking for, as I could design my own curriculum. This has not been as a simple as I believed that it would be.Through the middle of last semester I was still searching. I looked for opportunities through clinical programs, part time jobs, and even through other schools, even finding time to study for the GMAT and apply to the business school. Ultimately none of those things worked out in the ways, I thought that they would. However, during the course of winter break, I was able to rediscover who I was before law school. I am an artist. I always have been and always will be. I spent almost my entire winter break filming short films and web-series everyday, outlining a TV Pilot and writing a full feature length script. It was during this time that I realized that I should not have allowed law school to keep me from further developing my my artistic craft. My background as a creative person has informed everything about how I approach the law, how I interview clients, and how I draft memos to tell their stories. However, I am still not sure that I have found my stride in terms how best to combine the skill sets. What I have discovered is that my mission is to find that balance. So even though school has started back, I am still creating. I am taking a writing for TV class in the MFA program, I have started writing a new script and I am continuing to film weekly.  I am prepping to submit my script to a film company and apply for a screen writing fellowship. Perhaps I will find away to have my art make me a better lawyer, or perhaps I will find away to use the law to make me a better artist, I don’t know. Guess you will have to stay tuned and see…

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