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Bonjour/Buon giorno/Grutzi/Bun di!

Hello, however you want to say it! Switzerland’s four official languages (French, Italian, Swiss German, & Romansch) divide the cantons so sharply in the country that it almost feels like traveling across international borders when you leave one language area for another. French is the official language in Geneva, where I am spending a semester […]

Happy Summer!

Dear bloggership, I have started my summer law associateship at the Conservation Law Foundation and will be taking a brief hiatus from regular monthly bloggings as the rigors of my employment and beach bumming schedule leave little free time. Look for me at the Phish concert on June 6 at Greatwoods where I will be […]

Viva Geneva!

Good news! I’ve been accepted to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland next fall as BU Law’s first student ever to participate in study abroad with The Graduate Institute! I’m really excited and look forward to not only fabulous chocolate and ski hills, but hopefully securing an internship at one of the 700 NGOs and UN […]

Busy Busy

So after spending last month’s post ranting about how cool I think Israel is and pretending I wasn’t being political =) I thought I’d go lighter, and talk about the law school’s Public Interest Project, since it’s what I spend most of my spare time working on these days! The Public Interest Project, or PIP, […]

Politics aside, a story from the Holy Land

I spent most of my winter break in Israel on a 10 day tour of the country provided free of charge through the Birthright foundation that aims to send young Jewish Americans to Israel to learn about the country and religious history. I thought it would be like one of those condo seminars you sit […]

Half done!

Like I said at the end of 1L year, it’s crucial to handsomely reward yourself for surviving each semester and each session of finals. So this time I took a glorious 2 day snowboarding trip with some classmates. We earned 5 FREE lift tickets by going to this movie earlier in the semester and we […]

2L Year = Not any easier

Sorry to say, you won’t be doing that much more drinking or socializing this year either….. but on the bright side, the vast quantities of time you spend with your head in a book will be for classes you picked, a journal you applied to and on E-Boards you campaigned for. So there, it’s all […]

Where dreams really do come true and somewhere I will never bring a child under 10.

A long weekend in Disneyworld, it was my gift to me for completing first year of law school. I suggest you all treat yourselves to something wonderful when you finish your 1st year because it truly is an achievement worth celebrating. My trip was great, especially beers around the world in Epcot. Attached is a […]

Welcome back

Apparently I’m a liar and I didn’t end up blogging all summer. To my defense, I have a post sitting in my drafts box of my gmail account, so here it is, pretend I posted this 2 months ago…… Hey prospective BU-ers, just checking in mid summer. I’m interning at the Department of Energy Resources […]


Hi all, I will be blogging sporadically through the summer as I’m preoccupied with freedom, interning at the MA Division of Energy and Resources, camping, hiking, biking and beach bumming……