Law School: Am I Doing it Right?

My 1L class is turning out to have a lot in common with each other, beyond the obvious series of life choices that somehow led us to law school. We’re intellectually curious, we’re hard workers, we’re excited to be here…  and we’re terrified that we’re doing it wrong. It’s hard to shake the feeling that there is some secret trick or knack to doing law school “right”.

People pass around 1L survival guides like new fad diets (“You’ve GOT to try this, my cousin’s girlfriend’s roommate swears by it!”), stagger around carting armfuls of books around everywhere like they’re their children, and are generally enveloped in a flurry of color coding and typing and scribbling and seeking out study niches (I’d tell you where my current favorite is, but… that’s hardly in my interest of keeping it so gorgeously quiet. Hint: think above the first three floors of the law tower; your climb up the stairs will be rewarded with silence and stunning albeit distracting views of the city.).  There don’t seem to be any easy answers.

Luckily the tower is filled with kindly 2Ls and 3Ls more than happy to share their experiences, whether they’ve been assigned to help us out through formal mentorship programs or just a knowing nod towards our Civil Procedure casebooks in the elevator. Some advise studying five hours a day on the weekends while others say not to study on the weekends at all, citing time to decompress  as necessary to staving off insanity. Some start outlining in October, others only a few weeks before exams, others still have reams of flashcards and no outlines at all.

What most of them seem to stress is that there is no one correct way; everyone’s got their own style. Watch this space for more on how it all comes together.


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