The Law School Workout

The Spartan Race comes to Boston starting tomorrow, and I am more than excited to be able to take part in the event.  Not only because it’s taking place inside Fenway Park (which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year), but also because it entails overcoming an intense obstacle course that pushes participants to their limits.  Part of what makes the event so difficult is that you don’t know what to expect until you arrive on race day.  You aren’t given a list of obstacles, so all you can do is study past races and train your body to be fit and ready for whatever may be in store.

I’ve seen many parallels between the preparation for this race and preparing for exams in law school during my training over the past few months.  As a law student, you’re often presented with new and unfamiliar challenges that you have to overcome.  Whether it’s understanding a particularly complicated legal concept, searching for a job, or outlining for exams, there are many things we may not feel ready to face.  The key is being prepared to be successful, so that when another obstacle presents itself you can approach it with confidence.

That means taking the time to do what needs to be done.  It’s important to take the time to hone your skills in reading, writing, and researching.   These are things that will prove invaluable as you venture further into the legal field, and practice makes perfect.  Law school certainly involves a way of thinking that many people are not used to, but the mind can be trained just like the body.

Success is subjective; it depends on what your goals are.  Law students set the bar pretty high when it comes to success on average, which is why it takes more than diligence to succeed.  It involves going above and beyond what is required of you and pushing yourself to continue getting better.  Doing more than what is expected is one of the best ways to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

All you have to do is to commit.  By signing up for the Spartan Race, I committed myself to exercising in order to make sure that I could make it across the finish line.  I signed up for classes at the BU FitRec for the same reason, so that I would have an obligation to go to the gym and no excuse to pass on working out.  If you make the commitment to do the best that you can in law school, then that is exactly what you will do.

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