University of Where?

We all remember our undergraduate experiences.  For some, being an undergrad seems like a distant memory.  For others, the years in college are still fresh in their minds.  In my section there are individuals who earned their degrees, both bachelor’s and master’s, from universities all across the country.  Each of us represent our schools while taking our place in the BU Law Class of 2015.

As someone who graduated from college less than a year ago, law school seemed like an easy decision.  I had just spent years receiving an education that included a great deal of reading, studying, and taking exams.  Remaining focused on my goals allowed me to successfully earn my degree, and after doing so I had built up a large amount of what I like to call “academic momentum.”  I was in school-mode, eager to continue learning, so I decided it was the ideal time to pursue my Juris Doctor.

One thing that came to mind before deciding to come to Boston was the fact that I would be leaving the place that I had devoted years of my life to, becoming part of the university’s traditions, and the school that would always consider me an alumnus.  I’m sure many of you may be thinking the same thing as you either continue your studies or reflect back on your own years in college or graduate school.  Rest assured, though, that choosing to become part of a new school does not mean you have leave your previous one behind.

This became clear to me after I found out about the Boston Seminole Club, a group of FSU fans, parents, and alumni who had all found their way to Boston in one way or another.  Groups like this exist for almost every school in the nation; all you have to do is reach out to them and make an effort to remain connected.  The Club has provided me with a great sense of community after moving to a region where I didn’t have many connections.  Importantly, it has also allowed me to expand my network by establishing relationships with individuals who have a great deal of experience in many different fields – I even had the opportunity to meet another law student!

So, no matter where you find yourself in the world, remember that there is always a way to carry your roots with you.  There are those around you who share a common bond with you and the school you came from, even if it has not yet been revealed.  All you have to do is seek them out, and I am sure they will welcome you with open arms as the Boston Seminole Club did for me.  Recognize that you are never alone, and choose to bloom wherever you are planted.

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