Relaxing in Style

With the last week of classes coming up, I can already feel the stress levels in the classroom increasing with each passing day.  Without a doubt, each of us experiences stress in different ways at different times.  Yet, no matter how stressed we become over time, we all will find our own ways of making sure we feel prepared when the time for final exams comes around.    More importantly, every one of us will find the best way we know how to cope with the stress and relax.

Stress relief comes in many forms and differs from person to person.  Still, one of the keys to relaxation is to step back from whatever may be causing your stress at the moment and to focus on something else.  This will help you to take your mind off of whatever pressure you may have been feeling and allow you to generate some positive energy.  Finding a way to relax in the midst of stressful situations is vital to staying motivated and being successful, and there are many ways to do it.

For some it can take a long time.  It might mean taking an extended nap to get some much-needed rest, or going out for a long run.  Others discover much quicker ways of relaxing, such as simply watching a show on television or preparing a meal.  Some only need a moment to “catch their breath,” so to speak.  This could be browsing Facebook for some people, laughing at a clip on YouTube, or posting on Twitter for the fastest of the fast.  Whatever your preferred style of relaxation is, make sure you let yourself set some time aside for it each day.

The reason I stress (pun intended) the importance of stress relief is because it can have a big effect on our lives.  Working for hours on end on a task without letting ourselves take a break and recharge leads to diminishing returns over time, whether it’s physical work or mental work.  So, not only do we start to feel sluggish, but we end up hurting our own productivity.  As you can see, finding a way to relax is not only crucial to our success; in the end it just makes sense.

If you’re reading this now, chances are you’re already taking some kind of break.  Let me say that I am happy that you took the time to read this.  I hope that you’ll set aside some extra time to do more things that make you feel relaxed in the future.  If not for me, then do it for yourself.  You’d be surprised how far you can go with a smile and some peace of mind.

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