Thoughts on Boston

I’ll be honest with you, I only left my apartment once yesterday. I walked half a block to Seven-Eleven to buy a yogurt and a mediocre chocolate chip cookie. It was snowing. I wore sweatpants. The cashier was the first person I had spoken to all day. Yes folks, it’s officially exam time.

Right now, for me, the city of Boston pretty much consists of my apartment, the law tower, the ten-minute walk between my apartment and the law tower, Seven-Eleven, and Starbucks. And hopefully I’ll make it to the grocery store soon; it’s a pretty dire situation in my kitchen these days.

But back when it wasn’t below freezing and I was still a functioning member of society, Boston was fantastic.

I moved here from New York in August, but had spent much of the last several years living in Washington D.C. I loved D.C., and I do miss it sometimes, but I have fallen in love with my new city in just a few short months.

Before I moved here, I was worried that Boston University was too far removed from downtown Boston. My undergraduate school was in heart of D.C.,  a couple blocks from the monuments, a couple blocks from the White House, and fully integrated into the city. That was a “pro” in my book; I loved being right in the middle of everything. On the other hand, BU seemed far away from all the touristy places that I recognized as “Boston” when I looked on a map.

When I moved here, however, I realized that the city of Boston is so much more than the Freedom Trail (though I am a big fan of the Freedom Trail), and that the BU neighborhood, though not downtown, is still very much a part of the city.

In fact, Boston is great because it is a conglomerate of very different neighborhoods.Each area of the city has a different vibe, different types of restaurants and bars, and different things to do. However, the city as a whole is very walk-able. You can cover a lot of territory –from Fenway to Newbury Street to Boston Commons to Faneuil Hall –in an ambitious afternoon.

Now, I only moved here in August, and I don’t pretend to know the city that well yet. After all, my exploring time has been rather limited by this whole law school thing. But, if I had to choose my favorite part of Boston so far, I would probably say the Esplanade, a long pedestrian path/park along the Charles River  perfect for jogging, strolling, and people-watching. In fact, I think it was the gorgeous views from the Esplanade that sold me on my new life here in Boston!


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