No need to study law in law school

It has taken me three semesters to realize that law school is bad for my mental and physical health.  Although BU has quite possibly the nicest gym, I hardly go. Rock wall, fitness classes, 4 court gym, swimming pool – what else is there to ask for? As a rock climber, I thought I’d be there every week. Alas, no.  At the end of the day, the only thing on my mind is the couch and a cold beer.

My daily activities largely consist of class, studying, working, commuting, and surfing the internet. Not exactly the richest, most diverse life.  Occasionally, I knit, and sometimes I cook extravagant meals on the weekends, but that’s the extent of my creative endeavors.

But, I can take no more.  This semester, I fight back!

You see, there is this amazing thing called…the rest of Boston University!  It’s hardly spoken about, much less thought of, in the law school, but yes, it does exist.  And we get to audit courses….for free!  Registering is easy; the hardest part is finding the time in your schedule to make it work.

This semester I have finally put pen to paper and registered for a PE class AND the Symphonic Choir.  I get to kick and punch out my stress twice a week in kickboxing, and I get to sing at THE Boston Symphony Hall with the BU Symphonic Orchestra in April.  I truly regret not signing up for choir earlier – last semester, they sang Carmina Burana with the orchestra!

BU’s College of Fine Arts even catalogs the courses you can take on a handy website.  I almost made it into the glassblowing class, but was bumped for a CFA student.  Glassblowing would’ve made studying Trusts, Wills, & Estates way more cool.  If the arts are not your thing, you can find PE classes here.

We’ll see if adding kickboxing (2 hours/week) and choir (3 hours/week) actually helps me de-stress when coupled with my 16 credit (maximum) course load and work schedule.  Who knows, maybe I just discovered the secret to healthy law student living!

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