Living in Boston as a 1L

When people ask me what I like most about Boston I usually joke that I’ve only really seen the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue between my apartment and the law tower but that those few blocks seem nice.

This is of course not true. I don’t have the time to explore Boston as thoroughly or often as I might like, certainly, so my exposure’s been somewhat erratic. But between perks like free entrance to museums like the MFA for BU students, attending the occasional bar review at various locales throughout the city, and the law tower’s convenient location a footbridge away from the Charles River Bike Path, I’m managing.

I love a walkable city (which Boston is for the most part) but the importance of good public transportation in sprawling metropolitan areas can’t be overstated, especially in a place where parking is such a pain (Brookline in particular seemingly hates cars). While the T isn’t a perfect system the law tower is steps away from BU Central T stop on the green line B line (also not too far from St. Mary’s on the C  or Fenway on the D in a pinch) which I imagine will be especially convenient 2L and 3L year when I hope to do clinics or externships in other parts of the city in addition to my classes.

I have a Pennsylvanian’s fascination with the availability of beer and wine in grocery stores, but that probably isn’t exciting to those from places without state controlled liquor monopolies.  Other Sarah-specific perks of Boston: for the first time in years I live in the same city as my sister. The most important component of any living situation for me at least is absolutely the people. People in the law tower are fantastic, but it’s also good having my sister and a smattering of other old non-law school friends scattered throughout the city.

You can live in a neighborhood you hate in the greatest city on the planet or be blissfully happy in a corner of somewhere generally considered awful. Boston is what you make of it.

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