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Jeff Williams, BU Law’s Assistant Director of Admissions, has received a number of “questions from the road” while meeting with prospective students, so I thought that I’d dedicate this next blog post to one such question – “What is the alumni network like?”

Our network is without a doubt expansive.  BU alumni practice around the globe and span numerous practice areas, so no matter where or what you see yourself doing, there’s likely someone from BU that you can connect with. Through the events put on by the Career Development Office and other student organizations, alumni come to campus every week. Whether via informational interviews, speaker series, or networking nights, they are always willing to come back to the tower and lend a helping hand to students looking to learn more about their experiences.  And while in general our alumni base is strong, I thought it’d be best to provide two personal examples that attest to how wonderful the network here at BU is.

(1) 1L Mentor Program

Through the 1L mentor program, students are paired with BU Law alumni depending on their areas of interest and geographical preferences. My mentor through the program has been extremely helpful since we first met in November, and we’ve been in constant communication since. She and I have met for coffee to discuss the semester, where she’s given me advice on classes, exam tips, and balancing school with a social life. We kept in touch throughout the winter break and even while I was back home in Connecticut, she took the time to give me constructive feedback on my resume before I applied for internships. She and I continue to keep in close contact, and I’m sure she will be a valuable resource, not only during my next two years at BU, but later on in my career as well.

(2) Meeting Outside of the Tower

While the many events at BU law make it easy to meet with alumni without ever stepping foot outside our building, some of the most formative alumni/student relationships are fostered outside the tower.  After meeting alumni at various networking events, I’ve gotten in touch with a number of them, all of whom have all been receptive to meeting for coffee so that I could learn more about their careers and hear any advice they had for me. As current students, we have a special connection with our alumni, who shared many of the same professors and can attest to the pains of waiting 10 minutes for an elevator only to find it already packed with students when the doors open. Just this past week, I met with an alumnus who is currently a partner at a large firm in Boston. Despite his undoubtedly hectic schedule, he took the time to come all the way to BU and meet with me for two hours to discuss ways in which I can be best prepared for firm interviews come August.

From the above examples, I hope that you understand how helpful our BU Law alumni are.  For anyone that decides to attend BU, get connected with alumni early and often. They serve as a wonderful resource that cannot be overlooked!


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