Dyeing To Fit In

Every time I told myself ‘No more after this, this has got to stop before law school.‘ The bad habit I struggled to quit? Dying my hair fanciful colors. (The title was a horrible pun and I apologize.)

I had been dying my hair various hues of purple for years. I liked the subtle little kick, first as a small rebellion when my high school uniform precluded other forms of self expression and later just because it garnered compliments and all my towels were already dye stained. I’d never encountered a problem either in school or various work places but law school had to be different. It’s a professional school after all. Surely the whimsical standard of undergraduate free for all could no longer apply: I let all the color fade out of my hair weeks in advance of orientation.

So you’ll imagine my surprise when one of my 3Ls roommates had hot pink streaks in her blonde hair, visible tattoos were not uncommon and even wheeled backpacks were acceptable (wait until you need to take multiple casebooks somewhere at once; you’ll understand that looking cool pales in comparison to minimizing back pain). While I suppose actual pajamas might be frowned upon, jeans and hoodies are entirely acceptable.  There are many, many parts of 1L life one is perfectly justified in stressing out over, but style in the classroom has proved not to be amongst them.

When I completed enough LexisNexis training sessions to qualify for an amazon.com gift card (both Lexis and WestLaw have systems that reward you for doing research and training, pretty sweet), the choice for what to buy was obvious. More hair dye.

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