The Week After Follies

Follies is over, so it’s time to reflect. First, there’s all of Follies week to think about, and then this week – both great weeks in their own way.

(1) Follies Week

Follies week is, in a word, insane. Starting last Monday we had rehearsal starting at 5:00pm and going until 10:00, 11:00, or even midnight every day. At the same time, I had all my normal classes and reading, as well as the first draft of my appellate moot court brief due on Tuesday. The result was that I barely slept all week, and I filled every blank spot in my schedule with constant work. Even so, I missed some reading and a full day of classes because the lack of sleep eventually lead to me getting sick.

However, Follies week was also really great. Our first performance was so much fun! After going through our whole show over and over again, it was great to be in front of a responsive audience. That Thursday night, we were all done by 9:30pm and went out to the SGA’s after party at Game On for a little while. Friday night, we went for a drink at the dugout with a number of BU Follies alumni who had come to see our show that night. The alumni are one major plus of Follies – they come from all over to watch the show, and they are very helpful and eager to network with us. The next morning, on Saturday, we had brunch with more alumni. After the final show, we went to a cast party at a cast member’s apartment – at which even more alumni were present! The Follies week was time spent with some of my favorite people at BU, as well as a surprising number of networking opportunities.

(2) After Follies

Now that Follies is over, I have so much time. For the first half of the week, I felt more tired than I ever have in my life. I’ve never really understood that phrase “weary to the bone”, but this week I finally got it. I felt tired in my whole body, even after sleeping for 9 hours. However, the whole part of this semester in which I was in Follies taught me how to work with such exhaustion, and still keep going. So – on Sunday I volunteered for the study abroad group I traveled with in high school; on Monday I finished all my classes and homework by 3:00pm, then went to the grocery store and cooked dinner for the first time this semester; on Tuesday I had classes all day and still finished all my reading in time to go to bed; on Wednesday I went to 3 classes, finished my reading for the rest of the week, went to a personal training session at the gym, then watched two friends perform at a cafe in Cambridge; finally, today, I have two classes, no urgent homework to do and I’m hosting a potluck for my study group so we can make an exam prep plan for the rest of the semester.

The point I am trying to illustrate is that I’ve become very efficient at getting everything done. Last semester if I finished my class day at noon, I’d go home and maybe watch a show, maybe grocery shop, or waste time in some other way. I’d think about sitting down and getting my work out of the way, but then put it off for a few hours and end up finishing late at night. During Follies I couldn’t do that, so I got into the habit of not procrastinating ever. This week I’ve done my homework every day between classes or as soon as classes are over, so I’m finished nice and early. This feels great, and opens up so much time to spend time with people, as well as to do additional studying.

All in all, I do think Follies was worth the time and effort. I’ve made great friends, had a lot of fun performing, forged good study habits, and made networking connections too.

As a little treat, here’s one of our beautiful cast photos, taken by Tyra Bleek. She’s amazing! (I’m in the pink dress and blonde wig with the fake rifle.)


BU Law Legal Follies 2013, Tyra Bleek Photography

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