BU Law Alumni

The BU Law alumni community is just that: a very strong and ongoing part of the BU Law community, from speaking on panels to attending and mingling with students at networking events to offering one-on-one advising for students. There’s a rock-solid alumni base throughout New England and very respectable enclaves in D.C., New York, LA, etc. But as a Philly girl and Pitt alum, as much as I’m enjoying my stint in Boston I’m pretty interested in getting back to Pennsylvania after graduation.

The PA alumni? Dauntingly few and far between it seemed at first. While my New England-minded peers had their choice of people to talk to I felt somewhat disadvantaged by how few names turned up on various Career Development Office (CDO) search engines, not to mention the complication of not being able to meet up face to face so easily. Not so! Perhaps because there are so few of them, almost everyone I’ve reached out to so far has been excited to talk to me. My suspicion is that they probably don’t get a lot of requests from students at their alma mater for informational interviews and coffee dates, so they’re more than happy to speak to me on the phone or meet me when I’m home on breaks.

The CDO can help connect you with an alum mentor or two which is terrific, but it’s also worth taking the time to do some research and find attorneys specializing in fields you’re curious about, or living in areas you’d be interested in relocating to, or otherwise interesting to you. Cold call reach outs (or rather emails, I usually prefer, less intrusive to a busy attorney’s work day than a phone call) can be intimidating at first. But most alum have fond memories of their time at BU Law and much more often excited to talk to you and have the opportunity to wax nostalgic and share their advice and experiences than annoyed at the imposition on their time!

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