Springtime in Boston

It’s a beautiful spring day here in Boston, and because I’ve been studying all weekend and I’m not in the mood to write about anything related to law school, here are some things I’m loving about this time of year:

1. Patriots’ Day

Today is Patriot’s Day! Huge perk of going to law school in Massachusetts. Honestly, it’s like they knew back in 1775 that I REALLY needed just ONE extra day to outline for Property.

Imagine this: the semester is flying along, you can read for classes and still have some fun on the weekends, spring break comes and goes, summer job is secured, and all of a sudden you realize your exams are in less than three weeks and you start having heart palpitations. But then wait, what’s that? The state of Massachusetts has it’s own holiday to celebrate the American Revolution and it means you don’t have class on Monday?!

Thank you, Massachusetts.

2. Red Sox fans

I live in the Fenway/Kenmore area, and this means that periodically my neighborhood is filled with tons of excited people wearing assorted pieces of clothing that say “Red Sox” on them. Couples, families, groups of friends… it’s a mass migration from the T stop to the stadium, and on to the restaurants and bars afterwards.

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll get sick of them eventually, or at least get jealous that they’re out watching baseball/drinking/soaking up the sun while I’m inside busy being pale/sober/stressed about exams. But, for now, watching the stream of happy fans go by while I’m studying in Starbucks is a welcome distraction.

3. The Boston Marathon

Patriots Day is also Marathon Monday! My neighborhood is around mile twenty-five, and this morning I got to see several handicapped runners (unbelievable), as well as several of the leading male and female runners. Now, I’ll spare you the whole metaphor about how 1L year is like a marathon, but I will say that there’s something undeniably inspirational about a marathon. Before today I had never seen one in person, but the atmosphere is just electric. Even back in my apartment I can hear people cheering for friends, family, and strangers pushing themselves to the finish line.

Anyways, that’s a taste of my first spring in Boston! Hopefully I’ll add to this list in the next few weeks!



About two hours after I posted this, I was no longer enjoying the jubilant atmosphere of the city but instead trying to make sure friends and family were accounted for after two bombs went off near the marathon’s finish line. My thoughts go out to all those personally affected by the tragedy, and I hope that the incredible spirit of this city endures as we move forward.


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