Intro to Year Two

Yesterday morning I noticed a few yellow leaves around the base of the trees outside my apartment building. The chilly air reminded me of waiting for the school bus at my parent’s house back in New York.

Summer is over and I’m starting my second year of law school – theoretically older and wiser, but with a new year comes a new set of challenges.

During 1L year, law school is strangely similar to those school bus days. Classes are mandatory and you have no control over your schedule. But there is camaraderie in the fact that everyone in your class is doing the same thing at the same time.

So far, 2L year is all about the freedom to craft your own legal education – the freedom to chose clinics or classroom learning, a civil rights class or a trusts and estates class, a morning class or an evening class. Do you participate in moot court? Do you get more involved in a student organization? Do you do pro bono work? It’s exciting, to be sure, but it’s also a time to evaluate goals and make important decisions.

And it can be daunting – with only one year of legal education and one internship under your belt. How do you know what classes are best for your education and your career? And how about those who aren’t yet sure about career goals?

My plan for 2L year is to check off some of the basic courses (evidence, corporations, and administrative law, maybe tax too) and focus on health law (basic health law class and a health care fraud seminar). I had a great experience in the Health Care Fraud Unit at the U.S. Attorney’s Office this past summer, and I’m hoping to learn more about litigation in the health care industry. I’m also involved in the Health Law Association, the Student Advisor program, and Law Review (and contemplating moot court).

Last year my blog was focused on reflections and advice regarding BU Law and the transition to law school. This year, my goal is to write more about substantive things I’m learning and doing in my classes and through these organizations. I’ll also talk about my 1L summer internship and the recruiting programs I went through for my 2L summer job.

Feel free to ask any questions along the way- I’m always looking for blog topics that will be helpful to prospective students!


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