Launching Into 2L Year

Around the first week of August my summer exploded into my second year of law school. I had been enjoying a quiet summer working as a Law Clerk for a two-attorney firm in Norwich, Vermont. I lived with my boyfriend Rob and our two dogs. I enjoyed working on substantive Trusts & Estates and Real Estate Law. I enjoyed going home at 5pm every day and being done with work. I enjoyed bike rides and hikes, visits with my little sister, and swimming in New Hampshire’s and Vermont’s beautiful lakes a streams. Then, as suddenly as the law school slowed down in May it sped right up again.

My last day of work was a Wednesday in August. The next morning I was on a train to New York City for the beginning of the recruiting season, also known as “OCI” (‘on (or off) campus interviews’). There could not be a bigger difference between drafting wills at a community law firm in Vermont and interviewing for summer positions at large, competitive firms in New York City. I like people and usually don’t feel too nervous during interviews, but my palms sweated and my suit felt constricting as I waited for each OCI interview in New York City. It felt like my whole future as an attorney was on the line.

I then took a bus back to Boston, where my Boyfriend met me with a car full of all my things, which I had moved out of my apartment in order to sub-let it this summer. We unpacked and visited and before too long Rob had to go. The next week was a mix of high stress interviews and not enough to do. I did my homework during the times I wasn’t at a hotel waiting for an interview, all the while wondering if any firms would call me back. Luckily, I did have the opportunity to speak to several firms a second time, so I started off the year of classes juggling call-back interviews in Boston and in Maine, homework, Health Law Association orientation and Journal Orientation.

The extreme busy-ness of 2L year really snuck up on me! A main difference about the second year is that we have to choose our own classes. While it was sometimes annoying to have to take classes I wouldn’t have chosen otherwise during 1L year, it did at least relieve me of the responsibility of shaping my knowledge of the law and looking towards career choices. I must have switched my schedule around 5 or 6 times before finally settling on a schedule for this fall! I eventually chose to focus on basic courses necessary for transactional practice, including Tax, Corporations, Contract Drafting, and Administrative Law.

The funny thing is, I went into 2L year promising myself I wouldn’t over-commit so I wouldn’t be as busy as I was during 1L year. It turns out 14 credits of classes, journal responsibilities, OCI interviews, and participation in a student association is A LOT of work. Just as I did during my 1L year I am sure I will get through it and be wiser for it – but this time with the benefit of being really interested in in all of my classes.

Cheers to being 1 year more educated and 1 year closer to being an attorney!

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