Wake Up and Draw the Roses

Here’s my attempt… I drew the pot a bit too big

The City of Boston has a lot to offer.  Unfortunately, many people become consumed with their professional lives and fail to see all of the great opportunities right around them.  Law students are exceptionally susceptible to this fate.  I, for one, wish I would have taken the chance to do more things in Boston during my first two years of law school.  Now that I’m a third year student, I’m making up for lost time.  I recently visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and I highly recommend that you do too.

I first heard about the Gardner Museum on Comedy Central’s Drunk History (formerly of YouTube fame).  For those uninitiated, Drunk History showcases intoxicated people telling historical stories while comedians act out the stories being told.  It is highly entertaining, and apparently rather informative because I knew a lot about Isabella Stewart Gardner’s story before entering the museum.

This museum is not your traditional museum.  The Gardner Museum is Isabella Stewart Gardner’s old mansion, which houses hundreds of amazing works of art, from lace and pottery to paintings and tapestries (in addition to tons of other artifacts from Gardner’s personal life like letters between Gardner and Ralph Waldo Emerson).  The mansion itself is a work of art with a breathtaking atrium full of beautiful orchids and other flowers.  The best part?  Near the front of the museum, they have a studio where anyone can go and try to draw one of the atrium flowers.  It was very relaxing, and the artist that ran the studio was very helpful and encouraging.  The best best part?  IT’S ALL FREE!  That’s right, Boston University Students get in free.

My girlfriend's picture looks much better

My girlfriend’s picture looks much better

What makes the Gardner Museum so famous, besides its awesome artifacts, is that it was the victim of an art heist in 1990.  Two guys dressed up as police officers broke into the museum, tied up the guards, and literally cut famous works out of their frames (including a Rembrandt).  The empty frames are still on the wall in the Gardner Museum.

The Gardner Museum offers more than just art.  The Museum also hosts networking nights for young professionals every third Thursday (this could be a fun pre-Bar Review activity!).

The point with all of this is that BU Law is in a large city with a lot to offer, and it can easily go unnoticed.  Get out there and explore — the Gardner Museum is a great place to start.  The MFA is the next stop for me.


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