Deal or No Deal


In life we all have to make choices. Sometimes there is only one option, and other times there are many. When it comes to final exams, choosing the study method that is most efficient for you personally can be the most important choice of all. If there is anything that can be learned from the day after Thanksgiving, popularly known as “Black Friday,” it’s that efficiency can save you a great deal of time and stress.

The first thing you need is a plan. Before you decide to go out shopping, you have to pick which stores to visit first and make a list of which items you’re going to buy. Planning is also essential to effective studying. Taking notes, writing outlines, making notecards, and blocking out times for review sessions are all part of the planning process. As exams draw near, a solid plan can make preparing for them much simpler.

You also have to choose how you’re going to study. Will you study in the library or at home? Will you study by yourself or with a group? Will you take practice exams? Will you memorize as much as you can? The answers to all of these questions in more are helpful in finding out what is going to produce the best results for you in the end.

There are those people who brave the crowds and the cold to find the best deals in stores, and there are those that are fine simply shopping online. Different methods of studying require different levels of effort. Still, as long as you feel that you have enough of an understanding of the material to make a persuasive argument you will be able to succeed on your exams. If you do your research, you’ll find an even greater deal than you thought was possible.

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