One Blurry Year

It has been quite the adventurous year for me! In 2013, I lived in rainy Seattle, battled the Atlanta summer heat , and started law school in Boston. I even saw my first real snow and helped my friends make snow angels for the first time. People aren’t kidding when they say days can just fly by.

As the year nears its end, I always spend this time reviewing and evaluating everything that has happened. I can never truly grow and mature if I don’t take the time to assess my strengths and weaknesses. I think change happens slowly but assuredly if you remain dedicated to the goal of being the best you. I’ve decided “Be the Best You” is 2014’s motif for me, and being the best me means banishing bad habits and developing good ones. It also means that even if each day is not good, there is good to be found in each day.

I challenge you; as this year closes and the new one emerges, find the good in each day, learn from each mistake, and be proud of how far you have come. Before you know it, it’ll be another day gone, another month passed, and another year ending. May your new year bring the best you! Happy New Year!

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