East Coast Benefits

One of the best things about going to school in a major city on the east coast is how easy it is to travel to other major cities on the east coast.  I’m originally from Washington state, and the west coast (best coast) will always be home.  I must admit, however, that having New York City and D.C. so close is a major benefit.  People would always ask how often I traveled to California when I was growing up in Washington, but California was a 16 hour drive!  The east coast doesn’t suffer from such large expansive states, and getting to New York City and D.C. is a breeze.  New York City is only 4 hours away by bus, and D.C. is a short 1.5 hour flight away (that’s usually pretty affordable, too!).

Don’t like the city?  Looking for an escape into the mountains instead?  You’re in luck!  Sugarloaf, a great ski resort in Maine is also only 4 hours away by car.  Don’t have a car?  Don’t worry!  BU Law takes a trip to Sugarloaf every January and provides transportation via charter bus.

For getting to NYC, I would recommend BoltBus, with tickets ranging from $15-20.

For getting to DC, I would recommend JetBlue, with round-trip tickets as low as $125 (if you buy early).

I for one came down from Boston to D.C. for New Year’s Eve and it was a very easy trip.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!  Stay safe.



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