Full steam ahead to spring

BU Law Tower, bastion of higher learning and holder of the sacred books, you stand tall beside the Charles, casting your white clouds upon the gray skies.

Oh, and you’re hot as blazes!

During her opening address to the class of 2016, Dean O’Rourke cautioned us to “wear layers.” I wrote it down with a smiley face in my otherwise straightforward, detailed notes. Aside from some advice about email lists (and boy, does this school love mailing lists!) and insights about our future professors, it was probably the most useful tidbit from the first day of orientation.

Unfortunately, law school admission doesn’t equate to common sense. I repeatedly dress in quasi-fashionable or at least weather-appropriate gear, only to sweat or shiver through class. On the first day of classes this semester, I layered … or so I thought. An elbow-length-sleeved blouse, a hoodie, and a winter coat sounded about right for a chilly January day in Boston. No such luck. I am fairly certain my criminal law classroom was 85 degrees.

Today, I am in a tank top, thin and breathable sweater, and peacoat. I have already added and subtracted layers three times, and it’s only 10:30 a.m. So, I guess I am learning.

My favorite study carrel in the Pappas Law Library offers a decent view even on the dreariest of days.

My favorite study carrel in the Pappas Law Library offers a decent view of construction and nature even on the dreariest of days.

For all my whining, I actually like this funky, brutalist structure us law students call home. It’s fun to squeeze up against near-strangers in the elevators, play “guess that smell” in the locker room, and have it feel like summer in the midst of a New England winter. (But seriously, this building is delightfully weird, and I am so glad to get to experience the final year of a full slate of Tower classes. I like my surroundings to have character, and the views cannot be beat! And, all things considered, having to think before getting dressed isn’t exactly torture.)

The Sumner M. Redstone Building will be a fine new home for the BU School of Law, but I’ll do my best to enjoy this one while we have it!

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