Halfway Through the Woods

‘You can only run halfway into the woods before you’re running out of them’ has been my somewhat cryptic response to all the well-meaning inquiries about how it feels to be half way through law school. My classmate’s Facebook statuses all exuberantly proclaim that we are now “50% lawyers!” which strikes me as slightly over-optimistic considering the monumental hurdle of the bar exam separating JD recipients from attorneys*. But at any rate the class of 2015 is indeed at the midpoint of its legal education. 

How does it actually feel? Daunting, exhausting, and exhilarating, probably in roughly equal measures. Three semesters down translates to the completion of nine exams, two mock trial briefs and accompanying oral arguments, a graded negotiation simulation and a non-graded-real-world administrative hearing.

In undergrad I had eight semesters worth of space to play around with course selection; now I’m down to just three with a cap of sixteen credits each, meaning it’s time for some serious decisions about how the rest of my time at BUSL is going to play out, course-work-wise.

I will say this though if you’ll indulge me in further extension of the metaphor: there are no woods I’d rather be running through than BUSL and no one I’d rather have at my side more than the class of 2015. Earning a JD l is no picnic and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying and/or delusional, but doing it at a great school with a tremendous group of people makes it immeasurably more bearable.

My favorite line** from my secret guilty pleasure television show, Scandal: when a legal assistant huffily retorts to her attorney boss that lots of lawyers fail the bar exam, he says “No they don’t, or they wouldn’t be lawyers.” Not that you can’t retake the bar should your first crack at it go less than swimmingly, as I assume that legal assistant went on to do since she’s not appeared on the show since, but the point stands that the bar exam does in fact need to be passed prior to calling oneself a lawyer. So there’s that nightmare looming on the horizon.

**That’s not true. Just like everyone else, my favorite line is “It’s handled.”


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