Let it Snow


thX59TNWU9We’ve already had our share of snow days this semester. Some winter storms have moved through New England that have shut down schools across the region. With as much as it’s been snowing, I’ve started to realize that the winter season reminds me of law school.

As a Floridian I had to learn how to deal with the winter weather when I moved here. As a law student you have to learn how to deal with adversity. Sometimes it snows all day, and you’ve got to make your way through the wind, ice, and slush to get where you need to go. Eventually the snow will melt, though, making things much easier to handle. There will be times when things get hard in school, but there will also be time to relax once the work is done.

You can’t let the cold freeze you in place. In order to keep moving forward, you have to do what is necessary to be able to withstand whatever is thrown at you. By knowing what’s ahead of you and preparing for it, you’ll find that there is nothing that can stop you.


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