Winter Wonderland

Since friends and family knew I was moving to Boston, everyone has warned me of the dreaded winters and nor’easters. I’ve been waiting hesitantly since December for a great storm and several feet of snow with harsh and bitter cold. Thus far, it has been a fairly mild winter in my book. Keep in mind, everyone has built up the New England winters into this monster, and I am unsure if I have mentally prepared for such monstrosity or I, myself, built it up to something more than it would be.

We have had a few fairly mild snowstorms and one snow day thus far, but nothing like the warnings people gave. Regardless of its harshness, I do not dislike the winters here. Yes, there can be days so cold your face just hurts from being outside and the leggings and layers do nothing to help, but I am a southern gal through and through so seeing the snow is quite amusing. My amusement and wonderment has been amplified by my two best friends in law school who are also from areas with no snow and my best friend from Atlanta visited this past weekend.

We are amazed by the Boston Common frog pond for ice skating, the frozen pond where the swan boats usually are seen where you can actually walk onto it, and the feet of snow. For those who have never lived through such winter, here are pictures of my adventures in the winter wonderland!

Feat feetWe are standing on a frozen pond in Boston Common. Clearly we are not the first individuals to try this. My best friend and I are amazed by our feet on water and the feat.

Below are pictures of ice skating on the frog pond in Boston Common, Capital building, and trees in Boston common.

WW Frog Pond

WW Capital

WW Boston Common


Hopefully despite the cold, you have been able to get out and walk around to enjoy the snow. I know I have. Two Georgia girls amazed at standing on frozen water tells you there is quite a bit of wonder in the world.

Happy Winter Wonderland!

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