Friday, April 4: Syrian Refugee Presentation at BU Law

From time to time, I’ve posted information on the Boston University International Human Rights Clinic’s fieldwork and research concerning Syrian refugees in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.  Now that our report is close to completion, I wanted to let everyone know about two presentations that the Clinic is hosting: one at BU Law and the other at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Our first presentation is at BU on Friday, April 4 in Rm. 920B from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.  The event is open to everyone, and we encourage you to drop by even if you are unable to attend the entire presentation.  Sarah Bidinger (2L), who recently posted about her trip to Turkey, will be discussing the research she and the Turkey team conducted in Istanbul and Ankara.  Danielle Hites (2L) will discuss her research in Jordan.  And I will be explaining our findings from the interviews that the Egypt team conducted in Cairo.  At the end of this post, I’ve included the flyer for our event, which contains further information about our presentation.

Then, on Monday, April 7 at 4PM the Clinic will be presenting our Syrian refugee report again at the Harvard Kennedy School.  Details for that presentation may be found here.

Our report addresses the situation of Syrian refugees focusing on international law and refugee law and policy in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.  During the presentation, we will highlight certain improvements that each state could make in their treatment of Syrian refugees.  The purpose behind our individual analysis of each state is to isolate harmful legal and political trends and to make broader recommendations to the international community on sharing responsibility in refugee protection.  The Clinic urges major international actors, such as the United States and Europe, to take a greater role in the protection of Syrian refugees.  With responsibility for Syrian refugees spread more evenly across the international community,  problems with detention and return of refugees in the four frontline states will hopefully diminish.

If you’re interested in refugee law or comparative and international law in general, the Clinic would welcome your attendance next Friday!  We hope to see you there!

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