Time Flies

I cannot believe I am nearly finished with my first year of law school. Simply typing the sentence makes me shake a little. When I started law school, I was fresh faced, alert, and nervous, and I am finishing my first year fairly exhausted and anxious.

This spring semester is so much more difficult than the first semester because of the extra class and Moot Court. A few people warned me to not slack off and it overwhelms you so quickly. I cannot stress enough how true it is. I struggled near the end of last semester with preparing for finals, and while I am not struggling as much, I am  incredibly overwhelmed. It honestly feels like the minute one assignment goes out the door, I am working on another assignment already.

Today, our Moot Court final briefs were due. Tomorrow, I have a negotiation assignment to complete with my partner then on Wednesday, I have my oral argument practice, and I need to go to office hours and keep outlining and reviewing. The most positive thing is I have been able to manage my time efficiently to ensure I am not working on assignments until the very last minute.  I cannot imagine this workload along with my normal reading assignments and working until late into the night to scrape by the deadlines.

I know the next few weeks will be incredibly hectic, stressful, and overwhelming, so I hope this post will help exorcise whatever anxiety I may have before the crunch time. I hope my successful time management skills stay sharp to ensure I do not crack under pressure. Most of all, I hope I know in a few weeks, it will be over. My first year will soon be a memory.

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