The home stretch

In less than one month, I will be done with law school. 21 days, in fact.

So, in this home stretch, I thought I would share a few closing thoughts – the first on making friends in law school.

Making friends is both difficult and easy. In your first year, you are stuck with the same 70 people day in and day out. You have all your classes with those people, which means you stick with that cadre like a lost lamb and you eat, study, party, study, and study with those same 70 faces. You can’t escape them – they share the same locker room; you see them in the elevator, in the library, at the gym. It’s almost suffocating. But then, in 2L year, you start to realize how much you miss those familiar faces, the familiar names, and the sense of camaraderie.

And, those familiar faces are the same people I still hang out with two years later. Okay, so maybe not all 70 of them. But all of my closest and dearest friends are from my 1L section.

As an older, non-traditional law student, I was worried about being able to connect with my fellow students. But, even I have been able to cultivate a hilariously fun and talented group of friends. BU is a very collegial place – people are more likely to commiserate with you over a beer than steal your crim law outline. The trick is to find your tribe, your law school family. For me, it was finding a group of people who are serious about their careers, but who do not take themselves (or school) too seriously and know how to unwind.

Please take note – I am not the social chair of our class. I hardly attend bar review. You don’t have to be the most popular kid in school to find a lunch date. But you do have to try. Study groups form and disband. Friendships will be tested by gossip and short-term romances. Grades happen. Stress happens. But, you will find friends, I promise.

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