Finals, we meet again.

Now with nearly a year under my belt, I  admit I feel so much differently about finals. Firstly, the stress level is high but it is not crippling me or causing me to cry almost every other night. Secondly, after seeing so many things I did wrong, I corrected bad habits this semester so I am in a much better place (for instance, I am not scrambling to outline right up until the day of the final). Lastly, I am a little burnt out.

I know you were not expecting that last one, but I have to be honest, I am so burnt toast. The first semester is a gigantic adjustment to the system, the atmosphere, the reading, the teachers, and the other students. Second semester is about keeping up. You have one additional class (4 instead of 3) plus your writing class plus Moot Court oral arguments. Additionally, you are applying and interviewing for summer positions. You will have a lot on your plate. It shall spill over. I did not need to remind myself to stay vigilant studying and building better habits for this semester because I came into second semester determined to improve where I could.

I did notice some people slack off a little. My mentors all told me some of it is people did well last semester and underestimate this semester’s workload and others are simply burnt out like me and feel a little complacent. I admit I do feel less worked up about things. For me, it is a good thing because the stress, anxiety, and frustration I felt last semester for finals were not positive feelings. I feel almost nothing. I feel tinges of stress and anxiety, but they have a miniscule impact on me right now. I can only do my best. I can always do better, but right now, I can only do my best and stressing is not a positive influence on me. It may be slacking or it may be, just like me, people are not working themselves up. You’re just too tired to get worked up. Stay positive, get sleep, and do your best. When you are at this point as well, I will nod sagely and say, I know that advice served you well.

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