A True Story of Nets and Working

Last summer I worked with two spectacular attorneys who became friends and mentors, lets call them A and B.

A worked with C, D, and E at the District Attorney’s Office. C turned out to be the head of the internship program at the United States Attorney’s Office (where I’m working this summer), where D also works and became my supervisor. E went to law school with my uncle and is married to F, who was my supervisor at the university office of general counsel I worked in during undergrad. E also worked with G, who was a presenter at one of the panel discussions for my internship program this summer. B gave piano lessons to the daughter of H and introduced me to her- ¬†she turned out to be a BUSL alum. A law clerk in H’s firm, I, became a colleague of mine while we were both interning in the chambers of a judge, J. B’s husband is golfing partners with K, who was my mentor in a program I participated in during undergrad. K introduced me to a partner at his firm, L. I was introduced to J by magistrate judge M, who I met while I was at lunch with N… who interned with A.

Is your head spinning yet? Welcome to the legal community of a mid-sized city.

It’s easy to think of your networking efforts as an endless series of cold emails and buisness cards accumulated at events. Don’t. Your contacts are real live people, and each of them has contacts.

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