Before the First Bell Rings

The golden days of summer are almost over. I’ve finally seen why people look forward to this time of year: Instead of the endless 100-degree-plus Texas blazes that I’m used to, we got moderate temperatures and sunshine.

The end of summer (and yes, it does end here, unlike the South’s “Autumn? What’s that?”) means the beginning of school. I’ve done my first week’s reading and I can’t wait to see what this semester holds–starting tomorrow.

My internship wrapped up at the beginning of August, and now that I’ve had some time to reflect on it, I’ve concluded that it was an altogether great experience. I now understand why it’s virtually unheard of not to spend your law school summers as a legal intern (especially if you have a grant from the BU Public Interest Project).

The folks at the Committee for Public Counsel Services Children and Family Law Division were encouraging, empowering, and, most of all, wonderful at their jobs. I could not have asked for a better team to learn from. I produced a handful of research memoranda for a new database that the agency’s appellate attorneys will rely on in writing their briefs to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. As a cap on my experience, I spent several days with the agency’s trial office, learning about trial practice and participating in simulations of everything from client interviews to closing arguments.

This summer, I also had the good fortune to attend a leadership conference in Washington, D.C. The national office of Law Students for Reproductive Justice brought together almost 100 student leaders and some world-class speakers to teach us how to better guide our local chapters, and how to stay engaged with tools like social media, outreach across campus, and networking with far-flung chapters. As a bonus, I met some wonderful women and saw a new-to-me city!

Finally — and this might only seem exciting if you’ve been a working stiff for a few years, like me — I actually got to have a summer vacation! I have spent days and days reading fun books, cooking too-elaborate meals, and taking long walks, which is exactly my idea of a good time. Boston is built for easygoing fun. And we took a week’s real vacation and hit up Montreal, too. It’s just a 5.5-hour drive from Boston through the gorgeous White Mountains (stop and sight-see!) to the French-speaking, funky island city. A museum-and-Metro pass is a steal if you’re a museum junkie like my husband and me.

After a grueling first year, I think this final month of breathing easy actually has me looking forward to 2L! Bring on the books.

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