3L Update

Unbelievably this is my last year at BUSL. It seems like just yesterday I was bewildered and lost in the halls of the law building… oh wait, that totally was yesterday, I have in no way shape or form grasped the layout of our shiny new building yet.

This fall I’m taking:

  • Corporations: because I have no business background and consequently no business going into bar prep  (ha, puns) without taking this,
  • Family Law:  because no matter how totally unrelated your area of practice is, if you are an attorney, the rest of your life people will consult you about their divorces. I’ll be taking Trusts Wills and Estates for the same reason in the Spring,
  • Trademark: because no matter how impractical it may turn out for me to be to work in soft IP I’ll always have a soft spot for it… I mean, intellectual curiosity. It’s one of those courses that helps you understand how the world works a little bit clearer and, as an added bonus, a preposterous number of my friends are taking it with me,
  • B2B: Bench-to-Bedside Biomedical Innovations: because why not- an interdisciplinary class with MBAs, PhDs, MDs, and all other manner of acronyms wherein we’re assigned up and coming tech from an actual Boston area inventor and form groups so that the engineering/biology students can help decipher what it is we’re talking about, the business/management students can formulate a business plan, and the law students can handle the intellectual property aspects that arise. It’s unlike any coursework I’ve done before, a monumental amount of work, and absolutely fascinating. (Fun anecdote: the professor required us to self-assembly into teams “like nanobots” and advised us only of the makeup of the class in terms of what types of talents we had to balance- only three law students are enrolled in the course and we had to form six groups, so his advice was simply “You’ll want to make sure your group has a law student. Fight for them!”. It was a little terrifying.),
  • Advanced Beginner’s Ballet: because physical education credits are ‘free’ with the cost of tuition and for once a dance class actually fit into my jigsaw puzzle of a weekly schedule. It’s been many years since I made my debut in the Nutcracker in… 2010 (you don’t see very many twenty year olds in introductory ballet classes- I was a latecomer) so I’m a bit rusty, but looking forward to having exercise/relaxation time built into my schedule.


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