“Do My Shoes Match?” and Other Thoughts from 2L Year

Hello everyone!  This is my first post as a BU Law blogger, and I am super excited to be joining the team this semester.  I wanted to post a quick introductory post to let everyone know a little bit about my commitments so far as a 2L.  The short version is that I have a lot of them. However, that’s not atypical. If you haven’t heard this maxim before, I have  to say that, in my experience, it’s proving true: “1L = scare you to death, 2L = work you to death, 3L = bore you to death.”

Don’t get me wrong, 1L year was no cakewalk.  (What the heck is a cakewalk anyways?)  Being scared to death is no fun. But 2L has been approximately twice as busy, which is both overwhelming and exciting.

A little summary of my school life:

I am a 2L editor on BU’s Public Interest Law Journal (otherwise known as PILJ).  I am in the process of writing my Note, which is essentially an article about a legal issue that no one else has addressed yet.  I am also a student advisor, meaning I have been assigned three 1Ls who I will hypothetically provide sage guidance and uncompromising emotional support to.  (In reality, I will probably just bake them a lot of unhealthy desserts because I am such a stress baker.)  I also participated in Stone Moot Court, an optional competition which helps to improve oral advocacy skills.  This is essential for me since I hope to practice litigation some day. Finally, I am diving headfirst into the legal networking world of Boston in my continuing attempt to, you know, have a career at some point.

I am, of course, also taking classes.  I am in Corporations, Family Law, English Legal History, and European Historiography.  If you are saying to yourself “But wait! Those aren’t all legal classes!” you would be completely correct.  I am actually enrolled in BU’s dual degree program, which is essentially the best thing ever.

BU offers simultaneous degrees in several fields; because I was a history major in undergrad and because I would love to teach at some point (way) down the road, I am in the process of getting both my JD and my MA in History.  The beauty of this program is that the two schools allow me to share credits: I get 2 degrees with no extra classes, no extra tuition, and no extra semesters of school!

Guys, I cannot overstate how obsessed I am with this program. I was always that kid who was annoyingly peppy and excited on the first day of school.  I love learning, and I love being in academic settings.  This deal was just too good for me to pass up. It’s not that I enjoy my history class more than my legal classes, but that sort of thinking definitely comes a little more naturally to me.  It’s just the best opportunity I could imagine to blend my professional aspirations with my personal interests.

If you lost count, that’s four classes!  Although that is not an insane amount of classes to take, a lot of people choose to only take three their 2L year due to journal commitments and the job search process. Although I technically could have taken one less class, I really don’t want the dual degree program to limit my opportunities to take substantive legal classes. After all, I did move to Boston primarily for law school and I do need to pass the Bar when this whole show is over.  So, I chose to do four classes and have potentially a bit more stress than some of my peers.

I am not complaining at all, because I knew what I was signing up for, but I just have to be really careful with budgeting my time.  Despite what you might hear about law school, we do actually have lives.  I still make time to go to the gym and have Wine Nights (a Thursday tradition) with my friends and yes, occasionally, eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s while marathoning Orange is the New Black.  Law school is absolutely going to be stressful, but it absolutely won’t be unbearable if you find the time to relieve that stress.

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