The University Outside the Law School

The metaphor is less apt now that BUSL is no longer confined to an actual literal tower, but in many ways the law school experience does tend to function in isolation from the rest of the BU community. We’ve got our own library, our own Starbucks, all our classes are in one building. Why deal with outsiders? For the most part, I am pretty okay with this- Undergrads tend to be at best a fleeting annoyance, at worst a painful reminder of carefree times gone bye, and other than the occasional foray into their union for a snack I am content to keep my distance. As for the other graduate schools, what could I possibly have in common with them*?

This is very much the wrong approach. The university has so much to offer with just a little more awareness of your surroundings (and perhaps sufficient time management to allow opportunity for exploration). For the one, take a cursory glance at your BU Today daily email. Many of my classmates have found a way to unsubscribe from it but the annoyance of dealing with one more email is outweighed by the value of finding out which authors or political scientists are holding free and open to the public lectures on campus that week, how the university sports teams are doing, or that the restaurant you pass by all the time and thought was sketchy is under new management and getting rave reviews.

The other night a friend and I indulged in theatre-going (she had been a professional stage manager in her pre-law school life; I had been a theatre critic for various journalistic endeavors, neither of us have nearly as much to do with the arts as we’d like to these days) and while discount student tickets to various professional venues around Boston are easily available through the student union (take advantage of that too!) we found an actually spectacular undergrad production mere footsteps past Marsh Plaza at the Tsai Performance Center. And directly (roughly) above the Tsai Performance Center is the BU Observatory, open to the public for Wednesday night stargazing! The astronomy students are more than happy to focus the telescopes for you and give a quick informative overview of what celestial bodies you’re looking at.  I walk past the 808 Gallery literally every day on my way to Fit Rec (the university gym) and while the floor to ceiling windows allow for a pretty decent walk-by viewing of the art exhibits, I really should pop in there more. For that matter Fit Rec itself, the one non-law building I visit with any consistency, offers a bevy of fitness class options and even free ice skating.

The law school and accompanying community are amazing and yes ultimately what we’re all here  for, but a slight effort to participate in the BU outside BUSL can be very rewarding.

*More on this and the awesome interdisciplinary opportunities available in a later entry

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