IT Help Desk Staff Are Your Friends

I’ve been having a little trouble with my computer lately. It wasn’t too bad, but for some reason it was having trouble downloading a few necessary updates. I did some trouble shooting and couldn’t figure it out, so for the first time in my BU Law career, I went to IT Help.

A note – I did not buy my computer from BU. I bought it at Staples the summer before 1L. I have an Acer laptop that runs Windows 7 – BU does not even offer any Acer products. I did purchase a third party 3-year warranty (which came in handy when my LCD screen broke last spring,) but I have no contract or relationship whatsoever with BU’s computer store.

Luckily, IT Help at BU Law doesn’t even ask where you bought your computer! I went in and told them what was going on. I took a seat and worked on some class reading while they fixed my updater and uploaded the 73 (!!) missing updates that showed once the fix was applied. A+ BU Law IT Help Desk!

(As a side note, I would like to reiterate something you likely know. As awesome as BU IT Help Desk is for minor computer problems, they cannot save your information if your hard drive crashes or needs a factory re-set. After watching several of my classmates have melt downs because of computer crashes right before exams, I implore you: back up everything. We have cloud computing now, so you have no excuse. Personally, I save EVERYTHING in cloud file (Drop Box is a favorite at BU), which I have protected with 2-step sign in. When my LCD screen broke last semester I had no panic – only annoyance – because all of my school documents were available through the internet. I did not lose a single thing, and living with a borrowed computer for two weeks was no big deal.)

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