Reflections from a post-first-semester-1L

When my fellow classmates and I were seated in the Law Auditorium in August, Dean O’Rourke began speaking by expressing that, “our primary goal is to make Boston University School of Law the best place in the world to be a law student.” Obviously, I’ve only attended BU Law, so I don’t have a strong foundation for comparison (although I do have several friends at various other law schools). There are a lot of law schools in the United States, let alone in the world. In fact, there are a lot of law schools just in the Northeast alone. So throughout my first semester, I’ve consistently pondered what may distinguish BU Law. It should be no surprise to anyone reading this that law school is extremely challenging, so I’ll try and refrain from the generic law-school-is-miserable-and-everything-they-say-about-it-is-true descriptions and outline why I frankly think BU Law is a fantastic place to be a law student (at least a first-year law student).

Professors: I’ve expressed previously that BU Law professors are consistently rated among the best in the country. Our contracts professor would sing us a song related to a case we had recently read at the end of (almost) every class. Our torts professor never failed to make us laugh each session. I remember when we were discussing a McDonald’s coffee-spilling case, I thought to myself—no one should be laughing this much in a torts class. As I mentioned in a previous post, our civil procedure professor went on a run along the Charles with us. It’s felt very good to be excited to go to class each day. It became clear very early on that BU Law prioritizes teaching quality, and I am very grateful to have benefited from that priority this semester.

Diversity: I remember during orientation, one of my classmates mentioned how privileged she felt to be surrounded by so many intelligent and interesting people. Every single one of my classmates contributes something unique to the classroom. People come from all four corners of the United States as well as abroad. From the multitude of languages the 1L class speaks to the varying interests, academic experiences, and ethnic backgrounds of everyone—there is a rich dynamic throughout the building.

The Building: While I probably don’t appreciate the new Redstone building as much as the upperclassmen, I did visit the tower last spring when I sat in on a class, so I think I can still appreciate the upgrade to an extent. Coming to the law school seven days a week is a lot easier when you have a building as nice as ours. It’s a little compact right now with only five floors, so I’m really excited to have both the new building and the renovated tower when it re-opens next year.

Students: I wrote a whole post on the mentorship support at BU Law so I wont go into detail, but the atmosphere in the law building is very different from what I expected a law school to be like. Throughout these past four months, my classmates (generally) are always excited to see each other and catch up on life. I had to miss contracts one morning for an eye doctor appointment, and I immediately received several texts from my classmates asking if I was ok and offering to share their notes from class. Misery loves company, and I know the biggest reason I survived my first semester was because I had the support of my classmates.

To say law school is challenging would undoubtedly be an understatement. In these past four months, I’ve discovered qualities in myself that I didn’t know I had. It was right around this time last year when I received my admit letter from BU, and in the midst of 11 other applications, I would have never foreseen that BU is where I would end up. I have genuinely enjoyed my time these past four months, as difficult and challenging as it has been.

With one semester in the books, I’m 1/6 lawyered. I’m thrilled to have a much-needed break these next two weeks but am also excited to return and face the challenges and opportunities of next semester, including the inaugural 1L lawyering lab.  I do think that BU is an exceptional place to be a law student, and I’m thankful to have the privilege of studying the law here.


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